World Meditation Day

Meditation has been a part of a part of culture in many countries especially in the Eastern countries of the world, it is well known. For India, meditation has always been, since ages a part and parcel of the daily life of people, of course over the period of time, its sanctity, its completeness got lost and it came to be known as something very difficult, something not for the usual people and it just remained a spiritual experience for the recluse and monks. Some people unfortunately even think that meditation is nothing more than a religious practice. In reality meditation is for going inwards and this need to within ourselves has been inherent in every religion. Meditation had been there for sure but it had lost its originality and its completeness and this is when His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ji played a key role in its revival from the Indian Vedic tradition and revival of Vedic knowledge and establishing it on a very scientific platform. Maharishi began teaching Transcendental Meditation from the south of India in late 1950s and began the worldwide Spiritual Regeneration Movement after that. In the 1960s Maharishi started His world tour to bring this knowledge in every home. The purpose of this organization was to bring about improvement in the quality of human life with the knowledge of the Vedas and with this started the Global Spiritual revolution which we know today as Transcendental Meditation. Today meditation is a household name and it is benefiting many people to deal with their day to day issues, to have less stress and for overall personal development. Transcendental Meditation is a researched based meditation technique which is practiced globally by over 10 million people. Scientific research is done on Transcendental Meditation in various institutes of the world, in more than 30 different countries. Hundreds of researchers have been done in different aspects of life including better health, better immunity, more calmness, creativity and intelligence, more energy levels and just an overall well-being, balance and harmony in life. Transcendental Meditation benefits individual as well as social life, and it is also researched to create more coherence and positivity which can create world peace. World Meditation Day highlights the importance of meditation in a person's life and today with scientifically validated and easy techniques such as Transcendental Meditation, meditation has been brought out of mysticism and and within the ability of common man to enjoy it.