Transcendental Meditation is an artful, simple, and very soothing technique of meditation. It is a no concentration,no contemplation method of meditating. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s technique of Transcendental Meditation is now benefitting millions across the world. TM requires a student to learn from a trained teacher for four days in which the methodology is explained, and one starts reaping fruits from day one onwards. All it requires is twenty minutes of practice twice a day in whatever environment one may be. It is neither philosophic nor faith based. One need not change his or her religion or belief system. Transcendental Meditation leads the practitioners to a world of self-realization. It is subjective, not every person who practices TM can have the same experience but with regularity in practicing TM, with each passing day its positive effects starts to accumulate, fears, sub-conscious insecurities and vulnerabilities start to melt away. Transcendental Meditation benefits not only the person who meditates but also the person’s surrounding. It reduces conflicts and takes a person on the path of establishing a peaceful environment. There is an aura ball a person starts to carry and that aura around the person is felt by others. Also, with the help of TM a person who practises it, gets into a loop of positivity. There is more energy and more productivity.The school students practicing TM have shown remarkable improvement in their class grades, efficiency, and their inter-personal relations have sky rocketed. More than 600 scientific research studies, conducted at over 250 universities in 33 countries have validated the profound benefits of the Transcendental Meditation.More research is continuously going on to establish the benefits of this technique with changing times. It is not only helping the middle and old age people but has been greatly beneficial for children of as young as 5 years of age.