Transcendental Meditation and Women’s Health& Well-being

It is common today to have a skewed lifestyle, to stay awake late at night and eat irregularly. As women largely continue to be the prime home maker, amidst all this irregularity, women more often come under the grip of stressful life. We have known womento be multi- taskers, they knowingly-unknowingly take up too many responsibilities upon themselves and often feel excessively tired and drained out. Thousands of women, who have incorporated Transcendental Meditation in their daily life feel that this meditation practice helps them balance their day better, helps them get things done and at the same time, not feel drained out, in fact, they enjoy their achievements and the satisfaction that comes along. Such a technique is all the more important as women today take on more and more responsibilities of varied nature and are not just limited in their contribution. Year after year stress continues to accumulate, as women ignore this fact or are completely oblivious to it. They forget that they should take out time for themselves to rejuvenate, and either by nature or due to the demands of the social structure, they continue to give, stretching beyond their limits and straining themselves. Maharishi says, one can only give what they have. This important section of our society tends to lose their sleep, keep their ambitions at bay, sometimes neglect disease related symptoms, in order to get par with work and domestic responsibilities. This stress and frustration can lead to or aggravate serious health conditions including insomnia, depression, anxiety and many others. Long-term sleep-deprivation is one of the causes of cardio-vascular disease. Insomnia isassociated with several heart disease risks such as obesity, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.Stress being identified as the root cause, it is advisable to keep themind at peace and relieve the physiology from stress and anxiety. Transcendental Meditation allows the mind to effortlessly settle down and stay calm. Scientific evidence from top universities of the world prove that a number all these health benefits and more result from the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation.