Re-living life in Constant Bliss

Been born and brought up in a joint middle-class family I am a firm believer. I pray and seek, follow all my religious customs and traditions, and also respect and bow before other religious deities. God has always been very kind and I have never been able to thank Him enough for that. As learnt from parents and elders and grasped from scripters, I have been meditating daily in the manner that suited me the most. Starting with thanking 33 ‘kotidevatas’ and my ancestors, I used to sit in concentration (Focused Attention) and meditate. It was difficult to control thoughts in the beginning but over the period of time, it became simple. The process took time and effort – sometimes 5 minutes, at other times – 25, or even more than that. The culmination of meditation was a puff of bliss, and that ended the ritual. In September 2020 I came across David Lynch’s seventeen-minute video on Youtube where he talks about TM. The manner David Lynch explained TM in the video; I was convinced that this was something extra-ordinary. The more I searched the net to know about this technique the more inquisitive I became. Finally, in October 2020, I learnt how to do Transcendental Meditation from the two excellent and prudent young teachers Mr AnkitThaplial and Ms Kamna Gaur at Maharishi Peace Palace in Noida. The usual rumination when one realises how he has been missing the obvious thus far struck me hard. How come I had not known it all this while, I regretted. The solace was, ‘things happen when they are destined to happen, and, ‘it is better to be late than never’. Now, having run-through TM for nearly four months I can say with certainty that this is nothing short of a heavenly ritual where one lives every moment in complete happiness. Earlier, the blissful state which I used to experience for a second or a millisecond at the end of the meditation, I experience that state now in the first five to seven minutes of Transcendental Meditation. And since this is done for about 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening, I enjoy the grand experience for the leftover time. Moreover, the euphoria lasts throughout the day. I feel in control of emotions, relaxed, serene and energetic all time. At the cost of repetition, I say with personal experience and great conviction that Transcendental Meditation is an out of the world experience and is a MUST for all individuals, regardless of their age, religion, gender, status or belief system. And since the positive results manifest in the better physical and mental health of individuals, and brings peace and harmony in society, the schools, organisations, housing societies and government, as well as non-governmental bodies too, should give it a try. Lasting peace and prosperity is sure to return to our small little planet when a vast majority of us dive inward through the Transcendental Meditation technique. Col Kulbhushan, (sharing his views and personal experience with TM) is a retired army officer and has been practising TM for 4 months now.