Lead a Stress-Free Life with Transcendental Meditation

What is stress? Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. Regular practitioners of meditators say that it helps address the root cause which is stress and results in maintaining optimal health. This thought is aided by a lot of scientific studies which prove that one can improve their health with meditation; relief from symptoms of diseases is supported by scientific evidences. The most natural and effortless form of meditation, Transcendental Meditation, is believed to effectively relieve stress and enhance brain functions. This simple technique bears a lot of benefits, studies show that not only does it expand the cognitive function but also helps in reducing stress and anxiety. The meditators have been aided with improved sleep, controlled blood pressure, improved memory and greater calmness throughout the day. In the new age of cut throat competition, the easy and scientifically backed Transcendental Meditation technique has effectively improved the productivity, creativity and lowered the stress levels of both students and working professionals. A technique as effortless as breathing, TM should be done twice a day for twenty minutes with closed eyes. Benefits of Transcendental Meditation A controlled study conducted by CWAE at the San Francisco Unified School District showed that people who practiced TM experienced less stress and gradually achieved higher Emotional Intelligence, which promotes self-growth. Applications in Everyday life Stress and anxiety are harmful to health, happiness, creativity and productivity for both personal and professional space. Hundreds of published research studies validate the effectiveness of TM in reducing stress, enhancing immunity and cognitive functions. That said, TM has also been recommended by the American Heart Association for reduction of blood pressure. A lot of patients suffering from high BP have reported “a decrease in dosage of blood pressure medicine” after indulging in TM. Transcendental Meditation has become a savior for children and adults all over the world suffering from Autism, ADHD to other developmental disorders. Scientific research and first hand experiences of people prove that TM has effectively improved the communication skills of kids suffering from many forms of developmental disorders in the autism spectrum. During TM, the minds start settling down and helps you tap into something that’s already inside you. Hence the day you learn it is the day you master it. TM is a standardized 5-day course which is organized in the same manner as any other TM centre across the world. These 5 days give you complete knowledge to be able to practice it on your own, twenty minutes twice a day.