I didn’t know, I too can transcend

Life comes in various forms and it just happens to everyone all around this world. People do face extremities and go through several changes so to speak. Stress off late has been a major factor for people’s anxiety and people are invariably seen coming under its grip. Work pressure and work life imbalance also contributes to preoccupied and low functioning of mind. I was quite under the grip of stress when a very dear friend of mine who is already practices TM suggested me to go for it. Initially like anybody else I had my own inhibitions but then I gathered all my courage and enrolled myself in the program. I first went to attend the introductory session to learn how TM works and how does it help people attain peace. The session went around for more than an hour and Mr.Guarav Thakur a certified TM teacher took our introductory session. Transcendental Meditation is a game changer. It is very simple and easy to learn. The technique is certainly not based on any belief system but is based on science and mindfulness and comes naturally to anybody who practices it. The phenomenon is the same every time a person meditates. Transcendental Meditation not only increases the existence of a healthy mind but also helps in gathering and accumulating benefits such as peace of mind, concentration. It was altogether a great experience; during the second day of my program I was taught how to meditate and free my mind from all the clutter. My first meditation was surprisingly effective. I was awestruck as I have always considered myself with a strong mind and until I enrolled for the program I didn’t have the slightest of the hint that a thing such as transcendental meditation could do wonders in my life.Meditating in group is always good as it helps create a different aura among the meditators. After learning Transcendental Meditation I have personally evolved as a person and have started to take things on a lighter note. I don’t get tensed easily and everything around me feels positive. Ever since I have practised TM I have always experienced a state of constant bliss and increased self- confidence, the ability to differentiate between right and wrong and thereby make right choices in life; hence, I would recommend anyone and everyone to learn Transcendental Meditation as it helps you transcend with right amount of practice and opens up gateways towards constant bliss. Guest post by Anuradha Sriram Practicing Transcendental Meditation for approx. 2 years