This year is witness to a monumental achievement for world peace, prosperity and harmony, as one man's mission to bring 'Heaven on Earth' celebrates six long decades of ongoing success. His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi began this journey sixty years ago in 1958 with multiple world tours, with the endeavour to bring the natural, effortless and scientific technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM) to the suffering millions across the globe and enable them to fulfill their full potential. Having stripped the veil of mysticism and obscurantism around meditation, he revealed to the world a technique that has for ages helped the wise discover the fundamental truth of life - that consciousness is the most basic constituent of life and that its infinite creativity can be perceived directly, ushering in immeasurable joy amidst the perceived struggles of a human life. This journey has brought us today to a global acceptance of this technique -it has changed the lives of 10 million people since, including statesmen, students, athletes, actors, businessmen, war veterans, refugees and others from veritably every stratum of society. People from all manner of backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, races and ethnicities have the found the inexhaustible reservoir of bliss and intelligence within that has brought out the best in them and helped establish the connection to who they truly are and what they are truly capable of achieving. All this, while remaining subtle, non-conditional and non-intrusive. No need to give up any belief system or identity. Just 20 minutes twice a day and get the best of whatever it is you are already doing, or even evolve beyond your limitations! TM is taught as part of a simple, standardized, practical course that gives you all the knowledge to successfully meditate as part of a daily schedule. Its effortless and non-denominational nature allows for seamless integration into a hectic, stressful urban lifestyle and provides you not only with enhanced mental function and good health but increases your capacity for handling stress on a regular basis. Regular courses are being held in TM centres across Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and other cities of India. To register, please visit this link : https://indiatm.org/intro_booking.php or call us on 8800-345-408.