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Consciousness Based Education

It is a well-established fact that the ideal state for learning is 'restful awareness', a state where the student is alert yet stress free. Stress hinders the achievement of the full capacity of the mind to learn and assimilate. Transcendental Meditation (TM) helps reduces stress and provides the optimal state of mind for learning. It has been successfully implemented in hundreds of schools across the world as part of the Consciousness Based Education (CBE) program, aiding students in achieving better health, self-perception, academic performance and personality while reducing absenteeism, dropouts, suspensions and exam performance stress. It has also helped autistic children lead better lives.

Peak Performance (Sports, strategy, Military training)

Prof.Dr.Harald Harung of the University of Oslo has come to the conclusion, after rigorous research, that prior work experience and academic credentials account for only 4% of the success of a person. The rest 96% is dependent on peak performance achieved through a state of mind-brain integration. TM assists in developing this state, where there is maximum output with less effort because the mind functions at its peak potential, harnessing more than just surface level, conscious processing. This makes the practitioner more intelligent, mindful, field- independent and able to perform at their peak in a sustained manner.

About Tm
About Tm

Success without Stress (Corporate)

The same concept of peak performance, combined with the ability to take crucial decisions at times of crisis, has helped leading businessmen like billionaire Ray Dalio and Ramani Ayer, both TM practitioners, to take their companies to the heights of success. TM is practiced in top companies such as Motorola, Eicher, Tata Steel, ESPN, Airtel, Honda, Maruti, JK Tyres, HSBC, TCS, BHEL, HCL, SmithKline Beecham and HP.

Reclaiming Happiness (Rehabilitation)

TM has been shown to be a very easy technique to de-stress, so it has helped provide relief to victims of severe stress, depression and anxiety, such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), displacement (refugees), domestic violence, sexual assault and suicide. It gives mental calmness, bliss and a new hope with which to rebuild fragmented lives. In the USA, the David Lynch Foundation has helped millions of such victims to be rehabilitated by the practice of TM, through donations and charity fundraisers.

About Tm
About Tm

Holistic Health

Two major components in the recovery process from a disease are the state of stress of the patient and the healing rate. TM enhances the Quality of Life (QOL) during the recovery period from any disease by reducing the stress hormone cortisol (the presence of which makes most symptoms worse by compromising the immune system) and by accelerating the healing process. TM has also been shown to aid in increasing the quantity of certain immune cells in the blood.

Ideal Administration (Government)

The consciousness of a nation is reflected in the consciousness of the people who govern it, because the leader him/herself comes from the masses. His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used a maxim for this - 'Highest First', meaning that if development is to be holistic and sustained, the leaders of a nation must be stress-free and achieving full mental potential. This automatically reflects in the nation's thoughts and actions. TM has been offered to leaders of governments for the complete development of their nations and building an invincible status rooted in peace and prosperity.

About Tm




Noida, India

Recommended by the American Heart Association for reduction of blood pressure

Received more than US 26 million in research grants by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA

Recommended by doctors practicing at AIIMS and Paras Hospital

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